Lombana Law & Media in addition to legal advice, consultancy specialized in freedom of expression and information, access to information, defamation, libel, journalism, journalism ethics, self-regulation and image rights.


  • General evaluation and proposal of legal advisory
  • Review of editorial policies regarding self-regulation and audience rights
  • Review of self-regulatory mechanisms such as ethical standards for the treatment of information;
  • Review, proposal and creation of monitoring mechanisms of multimedia contents (news and opinion)
  • Review of contracts for editorial and other services
  • Advice on freedom of information (habeas data), including training
  • Training on legal aspects of journalism and communications to journalists (including specialized training on libel and defamation: how to avoid lawsuits)
  • Ethics Training

Individuals or companies

  • Overall assessment and proposal for legal advice and representation before the media
  • Advice on handling conflict situations (risk) with media
  • Creating mechanisms for monitoring multimedia content (news and opinion)
  • Review contracts with media and related companies
  • Image protection and rights
  • Strategic communications advice to public opinion and media


Any of the services listed above as experts in communications law, information law, legal aspects of journalism, freedom of expression and information, libel and defamation, journalistic ethics, self regulation, image rights, strategic communications and related topics.