He also said that the Ministry of Culture came to a private investor who has signed a management contract with the museum NOT. «According to my understanding he is unable to create a cultural institution that would meet the requirements to be met by the Museum of Technology and Industry», – noted Minister of Culture. He added that the Ministry of Culture is open to collaboration with the private investor, not so much in the management as the implementation of various types of work – in the «promotional activities, ideas and how you can enrich the museum.» «I can not imagine a personal Technological and Industrial Museum, which to this private investor gave a return» – said Glinski. When asked when he could come to the signing of contracts between the city and the various ministries replied: «I think that soon (…). At the moment it is essential to make a deal with the NOT so we can all work together for the establishment of this new institution.» «The Polish state must uphold the public interest also in the museum. It is NOT their irresponsible decisions led to this crisis. We have created at this time conditions, allowing hope to build a modern, very cool – the national museum of technology. I am glad that the four remarked the actors, I think that speaks to a fifth «- podkreślił.zobacz also Glinski: no permission to sell our collection of the Museum of Technology» largest technical museum facility in Poland, the Museum of Technology and Industry for years struggling with financial problems. In June, 2016. Board of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, where the museum is located, said the lease agreement; the reason was the debt facility, which consisted of, among others, arrears for the rent. In early November last year held a picket museum workers under the slogan «We’ll give the museum in very good hands»; They argued that in the event of liquidation of establishments on the pavement can find 15 thousand. exhibits – the achievements of Polish and world technology. Chief Technical Organization, which runs the Museum of Technology, getting funds from the ministry of science activities for disseminating science in the competition; measures granted on the basis of the application. NOT also request filed in 2016. – asked for support in the amount of 5 million zł, but the request has not received a favorable opinion of the expert team, which resulted in a lack of support for the institution. Technological and Industrial Museum NOT started in 1955. Continuing the work of the pre-war Museum of Industry and Technology. In published on the website of daily English version of the interview for the weekend edition of «Israel Hayom» – a very popular, handed out for free in the Israel newspaper – Czaputowicz stressed that the goal adopted by the Parliament in January amendment to the Act on the IPN, introducing imprisonment for assigning Poles responsibility crimes of the third Reich, «was to protect the truth of the Holocaust, not a perversion of knowledge» about it. The amendment led to a dispute between the Polish authorities and Israel. The Foreign Minister stressed that the Polish diplomacy is trying to fight the «growing number of public statements that distort the truth about the Holocaust by assigning the German crimes against the Jews, the Polish state and the Polish nation.» Also appeared in Israel – he noted – the phrase «Polish death camps», sometimes used «with malice.» The Minister noted that in connection with the Polish law, in Israel, «there have been some grievances,» but added that he hopes that «it will not be an obstacle in relations» between both countries. «We want to maintain contacts between our societies at all levels, including economic and cultural» – assured Czaputowicz. Sejm in June withdrew from parts of previously introduced changes and introduced an amendment to the Act on the IPN repealing provisions for imprisonment. «We believe that better ensure the protection of historical truth without resorting to criminal penalties,» – said the Minister. The head of Polish diplomacy also assessed that Israel’s strong reaction to the amendment of the January «was a surprise,» and asserted that the fact that the Parliament adopted it in the «symbolic day,» that is, on the eve of the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust, «was a complete accident.» Czaputowicz in an interview with «Israel Hayom» stressed that «in Poland, some Israeli politicians comments in the international press were interpreted as attempts to assess our sovereignty.» «It turned out that the seemingly good relations between the Polish and Israel were hidden deep resentments and emotions that come to light. Some spoken in Israel, the reviews were for many Poles a shock,» – noted minister.zobacz also criticized Netanyahu for the declaration of the Polish : The goal has been achieved. The Act on the IPN was changed »Israeli newspaper reporter in an interview with CZAPUTOWICZ estimated that in Poland, some reactions to the Israeli criticism of the Act were published in part still present in the Polish anti-Semitism. «Indeed, there were statements in Poland – said Czaputowicz – which can be assessed as anti-Semitic.» «Many Poles tried to present our position, not always choosing the right arguments or referring to stereotypes,» – he added. He stressed, however, that in Poland «Jews can feel safe, freely practice their religion and develop their culture.» Head of Polish diplomacy also asked about criticism from the Institute of Remembrance of the Martyrs and Heroes of the Holocaust, Yad Vashem, who spoke unfavorably about the joint declaration and Polish prime ministers of Israel, Matthew Morawiecki and Benjamin Netanyahu, ending a dispute between the countries. The Institute found that the statements contained in the document are inconsistent with current knowledge https://www.homeworkmarket.me/ historyczną.zobacz also Tyszka of the Act on the IPN: In Poland, you can now force all. Now will come another country and say what they do not like «» I think (declaration) is well reflected the essence of our relations during the Holocaust. I think that from a historical perspective will be highly appreciated by both countries. Prime Ministers managed to rise above the current political discussion and adopt a document that paves the way for cooperation, including with regard to research the difficult chapters of our history «- said Czaputowicz. He assured, however, that in Poland – despite the fears of some historians of Yad Vashem – «there is no threat to the freedom of research on the Holocaust.» The Minister also stressed that «it is difficult to answer» to the question, are you sure cases of rescue of Jews by Poles were rare, while many were to be made by the Poles murder of Jewish refugees from the ghettos. «Declaration of the Prime Ministers does not attempt to resolve this, admits that both phenomena existed,» – said in an interview Czaputowicz. He also expressed the opinion that this issue should be carried out «serious debate, which is a good way to discover the historical truth, but it can be done effectively if the dispute has already softened.» Czaputowicz, asked about the conclusions they drew from the Polish-Israeli conflict, he said: «I try to find a positive side to the dispute. Intentions Polish side were clean. It was not about distorting the history of the era of the Holocaust, but about protecting the truth about her. Once we figured out that both parties actually trying to accomplish the same thing, we were able to compromise. the changes introduced by the Polish parliament should be interpreted as a desire common search for truth about the Holocaust. » The minister also said that for him «the history of Polish Jews is a part of Polish history.» He stressed that «gladly would visit Yad Vashem, as it is a very important institution dedicated to the study of the Holocaust.» «We would like to resume agreement on scientific cooperation between Yad Vashem and the Institute of National Remembrance» – assured Czaputowicz. 51 per cent. Scots respondents would vote for the United Kingdom staying in the EU, while only 21 percent. He is in favor of leaving the Community. In September 2014 took place in Scotland in a referendum on its independence; against disconnecting from the United Kingdom was given 55.3 percent. votes. In April this year the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) Nicola Sturgeon announced that Scotland should transcribe another such referendum if Britain will bring her «against her will» UE.Jednak the current survey showed that 46 per cent. Scots do not see the need for writing out a new independence referendum if the United Kingdom will select the output of the Community. At the same time for such a solution in favor of 43 per cent. ankietowanych.Samą independence currently supports 38 percent. Scots and 48 per cent. of respondents would choose to remain in the United Brytanii.Sondaż conducted on May 4-22 TNS; tested approx. 1,000 registered osób.W Scotland is approx. 3.9 million of the 44.7 million voters throughout the United Kingdom. A referendum on continued membership in the EU the UK will take place on Thursday, June 23. (PAP) ULB / ap / Was today taken by me, the decision to initiate the procedure of receiving the license security company, which secured this Sunday + A light to heaven + security company hired by the organizer of the event, the event – which should be emphasized – that was not a mass event – said Brudziński Radio Maryja. He emphasized that it was «only decision», he could take after hearing the report prepared by the Department of Permits and Concessions of the Ministry of Interior. «Because the scale of the infringements, the scale of carelessness, irresponsibility, scale errors, the pathology is really shocking,» – he said. He announced at the same time that the ministry will soon appears in this sprawie.zobacz also security chief GOCC finals in Gdansk stopped. He introduced the police bug »Interior Minister also referred to the morning’s arrest of the person responsible for the organization of protection during the final of GOCC in Gdansk. «The police identified the man who introduced the communication chaos here, lie, or persuaded to give false testimony to protect agency workers, he also mataczył in these statements,» – said the minister. «All indications are that the media badge, which allegedly authorized the entry on the scene the murderer turned out to be – by all appearances, it will of course still to decide the prosecutor’s office – planted by the head of this protection in place there» – he added. The arrest head of security events Auctions January 13 in Gdansk National Prosecutor’s Office announced on Twitter the morning. As explained stuck «brought the police to believe that Stefan W. used a badge + Media +». Spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s Office in Gdansk Grazyna Wawryniuk announced that the head of security GOCC events in Gdansk Dariusz S. hear two charges of giving false testimony and another – inciting others to give false zeznań.zobacz the mother of Stefan W .: I’m sorry for his son and please forgiveness »Pawel Adamowicz on January 13 attacked with a knife in the center of 27-year-old Stefan W., who during the final of GOCC invaded the stage. Local government went to the University Clinical Center in Gdansk, where he died the next day. Stefan W. prosecutors charge of murder for motives deserving special condemnation. This act is threatened with punishment at least 12 years in prison, 25 years of deprivation of liberty, and even life imprisonment. Stefan W. pleaded not guilty to the commission. Gdansk court granted the prosecutor’s request and has provisionally arrested a suspect. A blood test showed that at the time of the attack, Stefan W. was not under the influence of alcohol. The prosecutor’s office requested the psychiatric examination of a man. Prosecutor addition to the investigation into the assassination of the president of Gdansk also runs parallel to the second procedure, which aims to check the correctness of the organization and security of Gdansk GOCC finale, during which the event was attacked Paul Adamowicz.zobacz the funeral Adamowicz not reconciled. Polish-Polish war continues «After the attack on the president of Gdansk Interior Ministry chief Joachim Brudzinski regardless of the conduct of the prosecution decided to initiate the control of the protective concert Auctions Protection Agency’s» Typhoon «. Last week, the attorney’s «Typhoon» Luke gave Isenko PAP that the organizers of Gdansk final GOCC agency worked the first time. He also confirmed that the company came to the office of representatives of the Department of Permits and Concessions of the Ministry of Interior and began the control of the company. «Secure all documentation has been associated with the registration of the company and its running. Now, all of these documents are subject to verification controllers» – he stressed. He added that this is subject to verification of the company and its activities, and on Sunday’s tragic events focus on police and law enforcement agencies. Asked about media reports, the perpetrator allegedly attack on the president of Gdansk had forged ID to the media, which has used to enter the scene, then Isenko turned out that «none of the security personnel had no opportunity to inspect this ID.» Isenko also stated that «the information on the subject of a public space,» and he «has no information that has been verified.» «The ID is secured and held by investigators» – pointed. After the meeting, President of the European Parliament gave David Sassoli said in a statement that under the agreement the next step will examine the EP Committee on Constitutional Affairs. «We will meet again on Thursday to discuss the progress in the work» – he said. «The European Parliament will be the last entity, which will vote on the withdrawal agreement (the UK from the EU – PAP). This will be done after approval of the agreement by the British Parliament, «- he stressed. The Conference of Presidents consists of the head of the EuropeanParliament and the leaders of the political groups. Earlier on Monday after a meeting of Steering Group. Brexitu in the EP considered that an agreement brexicie movement now belongs to the British Parliament. the head of the group Guy Verhofstadt announced that the European parliament should wait for the ratification of the agreement in the House of Commons. the British parliament voted on Monday on the agreement with the EU on the conditions brexitu. Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow refused to undergo a government proposal to a vote, arguing that during a parliamentary session can not be done if the project had already rejected by the deputies. According to Bercow conduct re-voting would be «repeat and disruption of order.» a spokesman of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he is disappointed dec yzją Bercow, who «took the opportunity to fulfill the will of the British.» The government in London on Monday planned to submit the agreement to a vote of the Commons, as did not happen on Saturday.