Legal Practice

Media Law

Legal advice specialized in the field of Media Law, including, but not limited to all aspects related to media (traditional and digital); freedom of information rights, image rights, legal aspects of communications and journalism, freedom of expression and information, ethics in journalism, self-regulation, personal data protection, and related topics

Libel, Defamation, Image and Reputation Damage

Legal advice and representation in criminal litigation for libel and civil litigation for damages related to publications (traditional or digital) and for the unauthorized use of an image, violations of privacy, among other related matters.

Internet Law and Digital Law

Legal advice in relation to the new challenges imposed by the information society in the digital age. Internet law and legal aspects related to information and communication technologies (ICT), privacy and the internet, use and protection of personal data, use of images and trademarks in social media, the right to be forgotten, online reputation, among other related matters.

Corporate Law

Incorporation of companies and other type of entities. Legal advice to achieve the most appropriate corporate structures for our clients, preparation of documents, management and administration of corporate documents, records, stock records and all that concerns the proper administration of these legal entities.

Legal advice on mergers, dissolutions, especially in the negotiation and drafting of shareholders agreements, from the perspective of the majority or minority shareholder, ensuring efficient and transparent corporate relations.
All the above services are offered by our law firm in strict compliance of new obligations to registered agents / lawyers according to Law 23 on the prevention of money laundering, financing of terrorism and financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Private Interest Foundations

Legal assistance for the organization of private interest foundations that serve the economic and financial purposes of our clients. Preparation of documentation, regulation, management and administration of the founding documents.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Legal advice in negotiating, structuring, due diligence, drafting of contracts and related documents, in the context of mergers and acquisitions. The Managing Partner of Lombana Law & Media has played an active role being part of the firm Galindo, Arias & López, in major transactions such as the acquisition of Grupo Industrias Lácteas (Estrella Azul) by Cola-Cola FEMSA S.A. de C.V. and The Coca Cola Company and the acquisition of the operations of the Panamanian corporation Cardoze & Lindo, S.A. by the Ecuadorian group IIASA (Importadora Industrial Agrícola, SA), among others.

Project Finance

Legal advice specialized in negotiating, structuring and drafting of documents relating to financing of infrastructure projects. Loan agreements and security documents. The Managing Partner of Lombana Law & Media has played an active role being part of the firm Galindo, Arias & López, in complex millionaire financings such as those obtained by Petroterminal de Panama, S.A. for the expansion and reversing of the intercoastal pipeline, among others.


Legal advice in the negotiation and drafting of private contracts. We have the experience to walk hand by hand with our clients in the negotiation of agreements. Shareholder agreements, purchase and sale of shares, sale and purchase of properties, loan agreements, commercial pledge, mortgage, trust, escrow, services, distribution, construction, leasing, deposit, among others.

Immigration Law

Specialized legal practice in Immigration Law and Labor Immigration. Our service is comprehensive in this area, ranging from drafting pleadings, preparation of all documentation related to applications for residence and work permits, and monitoring procedures.
We ensure legal certainty and tranquility of our clients, recommending legal practices to be followed in case of expatriates and everything related to residences for work purposes.

Intellectual Property

The area of Intellectual Property is dedicated to satisfy the needs of our clients interested in registering trademarks, patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, advertising expressions, copyright, and trade names. Defense and protection of their rights, in the creation or acquisition, before the administrative, criminal and civil authorities, including the claim of damages for illegitimate use of trademarks.

We prepare and process registrations before the General Directorate of the Industrial Property Registry and National Copyright Office. We also advise clients in obtaining licenses of use and in the protection of confidential information, commercial and industrial secrets.

Legal advice related to the protection and defense of elements of intellectual property, unfair competition, actions and campaigns against counterfeiting, piracy and smuggling.

We handle protection of Trademarks, legal actions, confiscation of counterfeit merchandise in the Panamanian market and in transit.

Legal Advice for the negotiation and drafting of trademark license agreements.

We also have international and national clients who decide to protect their Intellectual Property rights locally and internationally. In responding to clients concerns, we use an extensive worldwide network of both affiliated offices and an exclusive and experienced group of independent foreign attorneys.

Corporate Criminal Law

Lombana Law & Media offers Consulting Services and Defense of Business Organizations and their directors, their legal representation in criminal actions for conduct against the economic patrimony, the financial system, control of internal fraud and money laundering, including definition and follow-up of plans for the identification and minimization of corporate risks, and actions to combat private corruption and acts of unfair administration.

Lombana Law & Media exercises the judicial defense of executives and employees, in criminal actions formulated personally against them or under the modality of third party liability.

We focus on avoiding or preventing that within the companies, through the implementation of a Program for Prevention of Criminal Risks, criminal acts are committed against the corporation, its shareholders, employees, customers, and competitors, among others, with possible negative impacts that affect the business, the market, the socioeconomic stability of the country or fall into criminal offenses.

We offer comprehensive advice that allows companies to prevent any type of risk or corporate criminal contingency whose sole objective is to watch over their interests and exempt them from any future criminal liability.

Services related to the prevention of money laundering, financing of terrorism and the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
The development and preparation of Money Laundering/Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Policies and Procedures Manuals and Parameters of the Compliance Officer. In order to carry out a proper management of money laundering/money laundering and terrorist financing prevention, internal and manual policies should be established, including policies, parameters and procedures to comply with local laws in this area, the regulations applicable at international level and thus reduce the possibility of criminal abuse. Procedures should address: level of customer awareness, opening of accounts, monitoring of existing ones, information flows and relations with the local Financial Analysis Unit (UAF).
Advice for compliance with Law 23 on the prevention of money laundering, financing of terrorism and financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The professional services related to these regulations with sufficient suitability required, so that the so-called Obliged Subjects stipulated in the same, can decide the courses of action adapted to the normative standards, minimizing their legal risks in a very sensitive area as the Laundering of Assets/ Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism.
Design and implementation of the “Know Your Customer” Policy. Definition of Customer Profiles. Designs of Risk Matrices and Preventive and Historical Alerts.
The design of the methodologies of treatment of alerts and of the Registry of Analysis and Risk Management, according to the types of Obliged Subjects, their administrative structures, available technological and human resources and economic activities developed.
The issuance of independent reports not binding on the Compliance Officer on suspicious situations, events or operations.
The performance of Compliance Audits (internal and external) with their corresponding schedules and types reports.
Specialized advisory services on observations verified in supervision, inspections and supervisions “in situ” and “extra situ” by the UAF.
Training, lectures and conferences on Law 23 on the prevention of money laundering, financing of terrorism and financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Legal services of litigation and representation in criminal proceedings.

Corporate Judicial Defense. Strategic advice and administrative and judicial patronage in proceedings with Controller and Supervisory Entities of financial nature, prevention of money laundering, tax and registry. For example: summary instructions, dismissals on ex officio determinations, filing of judicial remedies, precautionary measures, protections, others.

Corporate security risk management services.

Prevention of risks related to corporate safety (facilities, company assets, safety of personnel, internal investigations, loss of assets, etc.)

Due Diligence Services.

We are capable of verifying people or companies with which it is wanted to do business or establish commercial or corporate relations, with the aim of detecting risk profiles according to information on public records.


The Managing Partner of Lombana Law & Media, is a registered arbitrator of the Center for Conciliation and Arbitration of Panama, with extensive experience acting as arbitrator in commercial arbitration.